Ilse Twigt – ‘Inside Outside Outside Inside’

DE PASSAGE 00:00 Friday 05 July 2024 t/m Wednesday 31 July 2024

With my project “Inside Outside Outside Inside,” I visualize the friction between my inner and outer worlds and the search for their unity. Ever since I can remember, I have felt that my inner world cannot always find a place in the outer world. Yet, there have been moments when the feeling of unity washed over me, and I felt a sea of surrender to life. As this feeling fades, I continually seek this state of unity. Through my project, I make this quest tangible.

Ilse Twigt is a Dutch photographer focused on conceptual projects. She received her degree in Graphic Design from Media College (2014) and in Conceptual Image from Foto Academie (2023). In her work, Ilse Twigt is mainly interested in peeling off layers towards authenticity and connection. Her starting point is a feeling that needs conscious attention to grow or spark a conversation. Through her images, Ilse explores connections, visualizing by both showing and not showing, inviting the viewer to connect with the work and themselves.

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