Exhibition Public Works

In the coming months a multimedia work by visual artist and writer H.F. van Steensel will be shown in the Smallest Gallery.

“Public Works”. A work consisting of two parts. One part, an abstract oil painting, with striking colors, hangs outside the Gallery and literally becomes part of the public space; inside out. At the same time from the outside in, an (everyday) corridor is set in the Smallest Gallery. In her own words “quiet and unperturbed, as gentle and wonderful consolation”.

Outside and inside, the search for a safe place, is a guideline in the work of Van Steensel. Whether she builds with words, oil paint, paper or wood, she searches for a place to come home (to yourself), a building to live in.

She always works with used or found materials in her work. For example, her linen or paint carrier/canvas is a skirt or other former garment. The wood she uses she finds on the street. Everything is circular, layered, carrier of a previous life.

Visual artist and writer H.F. van Steensel (1965, Vlaardingen) studied Dutch Language and Literature at the University of Amsterdam.

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