Ensemble Corona: ‘Corona en de Zwarte Dood’ – Ensemble Corona geeft de Pest een gezicht

With the whole world trembling at the hands of Covid-19, the curiosity about the history of epidemics has grown: how did our fellow humans in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries deal with that other, dangerous and long misunderstood disease, the Plague?

We chose music and narrative texts around illness and threat, grief and sorrow, fate, reflection, joy and new beginning. You will hear vocal and instrumental pieces by composers such as Josquin des Prez, Dufay, Lassus, Richafort, and letter and diary excerpts and other texts from the same time, read by Heleen.

With this music and lyrics, this performance connects our contemporary hearts with the human hearts of the time, in a shared experience: the human side of the pandemic.
Beauty and comfort.


Ensemble Corona:
Valeria Mignaco – soprano
Heleen Gerretsen – cornetto, recorder, lyrics
Margo Fontijne – viola da gamba and fiddle
Elly van Munster – Renaissance lute and plectrum lute


For this concert, a contribution was made by FPK Balkonscènes.


Café Belcampo

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