We love clothes, but does the world love them too? Spoiler alert: NOPE! After episode 22 of DAMN, HONEY the podcast (only available in Dutch) we are even more aware of the fact that this can’t go on any langer: fuck fast fashion! But secretly we still want new wardrobes, because… we love clothes!

The solution: on Saturday, November 9th, THE BIG DAMN HONEY CLOTHING SWAP will take place in the Hallen Studios in Amsterdam. Cancel all your plans or drag them along, block your agenda and tell anyone who wants to hear it.

How does it work? Simple:

  1. Buy a ticket.
  2. Clean out your wardrobe. Put all the clothes that you no longer need in a bag / suitcase / something.
  3. Come to the Hallen Studio’s on the 9th of November and hand in your clothes between 1 pm and 2 pm.
  4. Choose your new wardrobe from 2 pm to 5 pm.

The location is wheelchair accessible and easily accessible by public transport.


Because we want to keep the event accessible to everyone, tickets are available for different prices. The early bird tickets are limited, because unfortunately it’s not enough to pay for the location. If you’d like to support DAMN HONEY, you can also buy a more expensive ticket.

Sign up for the Facebook event, so that you stay updated on the things!


DAMN HONEY is an accessible, low-key feminist platform run by Nydia van Voorthuizen and Marie Lotte Hagen. It consists of a feminist pamphlet that was published last year, a biweekly podcast and an instagram account. DAMN, HONEY is an active community and a safe space for everything feminism. The goal: being able to do what you want. Nydia and Marie Lotte do not like to point fingers, because they too still have a lot to learn. On their platform they take people along in their search for what (intersectional) feminism means to them. In their podcast, each episode they have a guest who shoots smart things at them about something Nydia and Marie Lotte themselves know less about. For example Emy Demkes, journalist at De Correspondent, who told them the ugly truth about fast fashion in episode 22. But also: Tatjana Almuli on being fat, Paulien Cornelisse on language and Ambrien Moeniralam on catcalling.


De Hallen Studio’s

+31(0)20 8208206