Current Flow – Leila en Ishtar Bakhtali

A varied evening with collaborative work from the Amsterdam/Rotterdam-based artists Ishtar Bakhtali, Leila Bakhtali, Laura Nygren and Marko Ivic

Sisters Leila and Ishtar Bakhtali present their piece “Arriving”, taking you on a surprising music&dance journey which explores what it means to arrive at a place, a situation or version of yourself you only dreamed until then… Ishtar, vocalist and composer, has a range of sounds in which styles such as Indian Classical music and Jazz are mixed until her own soundtrack is created. Leila, worked throughout Europe with various companies as a contemporary dancer and choreographer. Her work comes primarily from collaborations with other art forms and artists.

The evening continues with Laura Nygren a double bassist, singer and electronic musician. Laura will perform her most recent solo work in which she extends her double bass with electronics and voice.  In collaboration with Leila, she also will play her music for a Leila’s dance solo “We Are Three.” This solo is inspired by the same titled poem of Rumi and premiered in Turkey last May.

Interdisciplinary artist Marko Ivic will be closing this special evening with his piano improvisation; His “Reflective music”  opens a spatial environment, supporting the individual meditative or reflective state of the listener. Marko most recently collaborated with choreographer Fernando Troya.

Café Belcampo

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