BORO x Mobiel: I see you, what do you see?

About BORO x Mobiel
BORO x Mobiel is a social design project by BORO x Atelier in collaboration with the Van Eesteren Museum, which connects local residents from Amsterdam (Nieuw) West through textile and making processes. With a mobile dyeing studio, a year long tour was made through the neighborhoods of West and New West, to make local residents aware of the emotional value of clothing and the possibilities of natural dyeing.

Workshops on natural dyeing as a means of connecting local people
Under the artistic direction of designer Antoine Peters, BORO x Mobiel gave workshops on natural dyeing. These workshops took place at various locations in the neighborhoods, from community centers to cultural organizations and social institutions. Not only did local residents learn how to dye textiles with vegetable waste such as onion peelings and avocado seeds. They also discussed the value of clothing and brought local residents together. They challenged people to express themselves, asking them to paint eyes on discarded and cut-up garments.

So many people, so many eyes
The results were surprising, moving at times, and of the more than 100 people who participated in BORO x Mobile, not one drew the same eye. Peters brought all the patches of eye textiles together an installation entitled I see you, what do you see? For this, he drew inspiration from totem poles: symbolic objects and family signs that connect communities. The installation invites you to walk between them and find new perspectives for when something is of value to you. While all workshop participants can find their own painted eye in the installation, the totems watch over the neighborhood like playful guardian angels.

Exhibition ‘BORO x Mobiel: I see you, what do you see?’
De Passage, de Hallen Amsterdam
1 – 29 februari 2024

BORO x Mobile is an initiative of BORO x Atelier and a collaboration with designer Antoine Peters, design curator Lisa Hardon and the Van Eesteren Museum.

De Passage

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