Fearless Rose Human Rights Day Concert

Fearless Rose Human Rights Day Concert

Zondag 10 december 2017, 17:00u - 18:30u Café Belcampo


Fearless Rose: 6 well-tuned classical/world/jazz/improv vocalists give voice in many languages and styles to all that connects people: love, loss, grief, joy, work, fun, and the simple desire to live in peace.

The Rosies are: Jodi Gilbert, Nicoline Snaas, Marjan Linnenbank, Maryana Golovchenko, Jane de la Fosse and Laura Hassler.

Fearless Rose is an ambassador for Musicians without Borders.

Ticket: €3
For more information see: https://www.musicianswithoutborders.org/voices/ambassadors/ or https://www.facebook.com/Fearless-Rose-536276019824145