De hallen studio’s
De hallen studio’s

De hallen studio’s
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In the center of Amsterdam, in the district that’s called the Old West, the former tram depot has been converted in a unique complex, containing – among many other facilities and amenities – three state of the art television studios/event venues : De Hallen Studio’s.

De Hallen Studios
De Hallen Studio’s meet the demand for professional television studios in the inner city of Amsterdam, that are easily accessible to audiences for various shows and programmes. The studios can also be used as special venues for various events, such as presentations, conferences, seminars, parties, cultural programming etc.

White label
De Hallen Studio’s are white label, meaning that users are free in their choice of supplier of television technique. Light and sound will be provided by Ampco Flashlight, the largest company in these fields in the Netherlands. This cooperation guarantees users the highest quality at the lowest costs. TV vans can be placed on the premises, directly behind the studios, with an extensive patching system providing a direct connection to the studios.

Complete package of services
De Hallen Studios are fully equipped, with  production offices, dressing rooms, green rooms, catering facilities, hair and makeup rooms, etc. The studios have separate reception facilities for audiences and guests/VIPS, with direct access from the underground parking. De Hallen Studio’s are connected with the main Dutch broadcasting center by optical fiber, enabling live broadcasts without uplink.

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